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Beaufort County Community College

This is just to let you know how much we enjoyed having your staff come to our college and give us a special touch of training with the Avid system. Thier knowledge and willingness to teach us everything about the software and other informative tips and tricks was more than we could absorb. This valuable one on one training was just what we needed. We look forward to training with you again as we become professional Avid users. Thanks once again!

BlueWater Media

Dear Bill,

I just wanted to drop you this brief note of thanks for your company's excellent work for us. As you know, we produce a weekly series for the Speedvision network. At this time of year our deadline pressure to turn around the half-hour shows is tremendous. This week we encountered a severe shortage of storage space in our non-linear system's hard drives due to sudden extra work load from other clients. With one phone call, and a couple of hours of time, your technicians installed and tested extra drives in our system to increase our storage capacity 50% --- and saved the day to keep our work flowing smoothly. It all happened late on a Friday afternoon (of course), but your guys stayed late to make sure the job was done well.

Thank you for the excellent service.

I Video Services

I am so glad you were able to get me going again by taking the time to fix the problems the vendor who sold me my system left me with and would not fix after I paid them all that money. You did not sell me my system and I am sorry it came down to calling you to fix thier problem but Bill was understanding and treated me fairly and had I only known buying this you could of made my life so much easier. I will tell my associates about your great way of taking care of the customer first.

Frances Schram

RegEd, Inc.

Just wanted to say thanks (yet again) for the great service and getting the camera & accessories here so quickly.

I had to work late in the office Friday night and didn’t get home until after 10pm, but I put the camera together Friday night, then started on the instructions Saturday morning.

I skimmed through the manual and got the basics on how the camera operates, then set it for HD recording in 24p, set the audio up for the mic, got the Auto White Balance (a lifesaver) & gain controls working, took some quick test video to test audio/visual playback and left to shoot a 'freebie' wedding at 2pm.

I gotta tell you, it came out great. In a nutshell, the big thing my girlfriend and I kept repeating over and over when watching it at home that night was 'it looks like film.' I'm not sure if the gamma is affected by the Auto White or not, but I don't think I need to mess with it.

Adobe came out with an update for Premiere Pro 2.0 lately so you can import the 24p footage from the JVC 100U and 110U directly, so that's another plus.

Thanks again,
Buck Sears

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