How to Use Samson SW7AVSCE AirLine 77 Wireless System w/ Fitness Instructor Headset

Performing an exercise while teaching the class is hard enough, why add ...

AValive Offers SurgeX 12-year Electronic Fail-Safe Product Warranties

Ever worry about your equipment during a lightening storm or witness a ...

Chief LVS1U-Chief LVSXU ConnexSys Series Video Wall Mounting Systems

With AValive and Chief  ConnexSYS Mounts you have multiple  wall mounting options; ...

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Switchcraft Products Quality Made in the USA

AValive carries over 1,000 Switchcraft products and has been a licensed distributor of those products for 15 years. We offer quantity discounts on all Switchcraft products though beware bulk orders may take up t0 2 weeks to ship. Switchcraft, a Heico company, is a U.S.A. manufacturer and a major supplier of connectivity products in all 7 […]

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Solving Your Thunderbolt HD 4K Drive Array Cable Length and Noise Dilemma

Today’s Digital Media 4K HD Editing Systems need Super Fast Optical Cables for both Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 Drive Array systems. Why be limited to 3-5 feet of cable with all that drive noise when you can place your drives in a quiet closet over 150 feet away? Introducing a breakthrough innovation that literally changed […]

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Niagara Streaming Media Breaks Away from Viewcast

Its business as usual with AValive after Niagara Streaming Media who was recently bought out by Valdor Technology. Valdor will continue to produce all Niagara Streaming Systems including the 2200, 4100, 9100 and 91002IP (click for best price) as well as the GoStream and SURF product lines (click for best price). All Niagara SURF and SCX […]

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Chief CMS491- Chief CMS492 Drop Down Ceiling Storage Boxes

AValive is proud to be offering both new versions of easy to install projector ceiling storage boxes, the Chief CMS491(click for best price) and Chief CMS492(click for best price). They ship with all the speed connect and hardware needed for installation. The Chief CMS491 1×2 ships without a column drop. The Chief CMS491C 1×2 ships with a column […]

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ATW 1701 System 10 Wireless Digital Mics for HD 4K Cameras Under $360.00

Finding a quality affordable truly digital wireless mic kit for you HD or 4K Camera is not always so easy to find under 360.00. Especialy from a known quality brand like Audio Technica. So with out much fanfare Audio Technica has introduced thier well known System 10 Mic Series now adapted for Video Cameras and […]

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Mobile Streaming Solution VISLINK Airstream H.264 Bonded Cellular HD Video Transmitter

So let’s say you are being forced into a situation that you need to stream live high quality HD video but do not have a proper internet connection or the hotel or Las Vegas Convention Center is charging you 2000.00 a day for a ethernet drop how can you still get your video out to […]

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AValive Welcomes Williams Sound To Replace Listen Tech Hearing Assisted Systems

AValive recently has decided to switch to the original innovator of hearing assist ,loops and ADA hearing compliant  systems Williams Sound.  Williams Sound was one of the original manufactures in this market and with most items still manufactured in the good old USA are perfect for those state and federal facilities that prefer USA made […]

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BlackMagic URSA EF and PL Mount Cameras Ready To Order

AValive Via Blackmagic Design today announced Blackmagic URSA PL Mount 6495.00 and the Blackmagic URSA EF Mount  5995.00 a new high end digital film camera designed to revolutionize workflow on set. Built to handle the ergonomics of large film crews as well as single person use, URSA has multiple accessories built in, including a massive 10 […]

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Telestream Wirecast Encoding System Fly Pack Rentals Or Sales

We have been busy building custom Telestream Wirecast Encoding Systems for our customers the past few years and decided to open up to the idea of offering custom Wirecast Pro Flypacks done the right way . First I am NOT a believer in using wire cast as a standalone switching product. Why? It really does […]

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Kramer VP-770 773 774 Presentation Switcher/Scalers Trade In Promo

Do you have a presentation switcher/scaler that is missing the inputs required to maximize your presentation system? Digital sources are increasing and the complexity of signals and devices are causing many problems in the operation and flexibility of many classrooms, conference rooms and training facilities.   Kramer has the answer! TRADE-IN your existing switcher/scaler for […]

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