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Cobra Crane 5045 SteadyTracker UltraLite

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Cobra Crane
SteadyTracker UltraLite
SteadyTracker UltraLite - Part#:5045
Price: $ 110.80

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  • MFG: Cobra Crane
  • MFG Part#: 5045
  • UPC# 859224003218
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Product Description

Camera Stabilizers for cameras up to 3lbs., Actual Length - 16.32 inch, Height - 23.125.
5047 Cobra Crane
Low Mode for UltraLite
Low open cage for doing low shots with all SteadyTrackers ..more info
Mfg# 5047
Price: $76.70
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5623 Cobra Crane
SteadyTracker Carry Bag
Carry bag for any SteadyTracker, Actual Length - 24 inch. (Fits both SteadyTracker and Low Mode option in one bag) ..more info
Mfg# 5623
Price: $34.08
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SteadyTrackers have been designed for handheld use, body supported use, and self supported use. When hand held you can smoothly circle around your subject, dutching, booming, and tilting on the fly, changing angles and framing just like in music videos. You can do chase scenes, go up and down stairs, jump off walls, go over picnic tables, follow people in cars, shoot weddings, receptions, love stories, sports, documentaries, choirs, plays, etc. SteadyTrackers have been used shooting water skiers and wake boarders, shooting skiers and snowboarders, and a wide variety of sporting events. SteadyTrackers make getting that motion shot easy and smooth without the shake, rattle and roll of a handheld camera.

When body mounted it rests on your leg letting you zoom and focus with a heads up position with both eyes free to monitor or look for new scenes. Pull it up to your body with your eye against the viewfinder for traditional zooming style shots. Lift it up on your shoulder and shoot over people’s heads while looking in the color monitor for perfect framing. When self supported you can tilt and pan "monopod style" from the floor or the edge of a table. Set it up like a tripod and get in the shot yourself. This lets you completely rest as you think of your next shot.

Mounting your camera on the included release plates takes less than a minute and again less than a minute to balance the whole unit. No other steady system can be set up and ready to go, so you never miss a shot and you can get in and out of the job quickly thus saving time and saving money and getting back out there for that next job. All that while your competitor is busy unrigging and packing up their body mounted steady rig.

When your done, the SteadyTracker can be simply put down on the ground. It has feet to allow the SteadyTracker to stand up with your camera elevated so as to protect your camera. Unlike traditional monopods, which can not be simply put down, the SteadyTracker can be set down and retrieved in seconds, so you are ready for the special shot. No need for long set up times, since you simply pick up the SteadyTracker and start shooting.

SteadyTrackers can be used for low mode shooting as well. Simply add the optional low mode accessory for either the SteadyTracker Xtreme or the SteadyTracker Ultralight and now you can shoot from a dogs point of view. Get shots from real low and get really cool speed sensation.

Key Features
  • Steady motion shots – Add more value to your production and make more money on every shot.
  • Fluid appearance – Smooth movements, no jerky actions.
  • Floating shots – Appears as if the camera is floating.
  • Better than a Monopod - Stands on its own.
  • Flexible – you can get any angle because it is not connected to you.
  • Reliable – Sturdy alloy construction.
  • Simple - Uses counter balance, without gyros or gimbles.
  • Powder coated finish – Preserves the appearance.
  • Comfortable handling – Foam grip is soft, easy to handle and control.
  • Ergonomically designed – Comfortable to use for long periods.
  • Fast / Easy Setup - Sets up in minutes.
  • Rated #1 by Video Pro Magazine.
  • Flying Mode - Smooth motion shots. Tilts, pans & Dutch angles while in motion.
  • Monopod Mode - Static tilts, pans, Dutch zooms.
  • Self Supported Mode - Gets locked off shots.
  • Static Body Mounted Modes - Tilts, pans, Dutch, zooms and ready to fly.
  • Periscope Mode - Static tilts, pans, booms, Dutchs and high flying shots.

  • SteadyTracker UltraLite
  • Camera Quick Release Plate and locking screw
  • Installation Guide and DVD


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