Apple eGPU Video Expansion NAB 2018 News for Accelerated FCPX and DaVinci Resolve

Big news heading into NAB 2018 with Apple finally officially supporting the following external gpu accelerated video work flows Today Apple released macOS 10.13.4 to the public, bringing official external graphics support to the Mac. Apple has published a new document to help users navigate the ins and outs of eGPU support, including a list of […]

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DAW Digital Audio Workstation Rentals

One of the many calls we get these days are for a quick DAW or Digital Audio Workstation Rental that is turn key ready to go for a studio session or live show. The reasons are many from needing a backup solution or wanting to bring in another producer or DJ at the last minute. […]

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BlackMagic Design Acquires Fairlight Audio : An Avid Pro Tools Challenger?

Wow ! Talk about interesting IBC news. Today BlackMagic Design Announced they were acquiring Firelight Audio an old stalwart name and lineage in Pro Audio Production. Back In The day Fairlight was the uppity name in Pro Digital Audio much more desired over Avid/Digidesign Pro Tools. In Blackmagic Design’s typical gameplay I am sure they […]

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Telestream Wirecast Pro Gear Your Newtek Tricaster Mini Rental Alternative

We get a lot of frustrated Newtek Tricster Mini callers asking why a professional 4 input SDI Switcher and Streaming Box Costs over 10K We often ended up selling or renting extra encoders and cabling to accommodate what these professionals needed but as we know you add points of failure along the way. Well good […]

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Facebook Live Video Streaming Sales & Rental Configs Ready

Getting a lot of calls on streaming live video to Facebook. This feature was just announced and outside of using your cell phone there are only a couple of options working today. The best desktop based solution right now is using Telestream’s Wirecast Streaming Software. This allows you to access ALL your pages you manage […]

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AValive Opening Central Florida Same Day Delivery AV Sales and Rental Facility.

AValive Opens Central Florida Same Day Delivery AV Sales and Rental Facility. AValive announced today the opening of their new Same Day Sales and Rental office serving Orlando ,West Palm Beach Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa-St Petersburg and Jacksonville Florida out of the Pro AV Distribution Facility off I-95 in Vero Beach Florida beginning April 2015. […]

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Samson SW7AVSCE AirLine 77 Wireless System with Fitness Headset

How to Use Samson SW7AVSCE AirLine 77 Wireless System w/ Fitness Instructor Headset

Performing an exercise while teaching the class is hard enough, why add wires? AVAlive offers fitness instructors complete freedom with the Samson SW7AVSCE  (click for best price) wireless system and headset. Other wireless systems can hinder fitness instruction with belt packs and cables. AVAlive’s Samson SW7AVSCE Airline 77 headset system wraps around the back of […]

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