DAW Digital Audio Workstation Rentals

DAW Workstation Rentals

DAW Workstation Rentals

One of the many calls we get these days are for a quick DAW or Digital Audio Workstation Rental that is turn key ready to go for a studio session or live show. The reasons are many from needing a backup solution or wanting to bring in another producer or DJ at the last minute. The good news is AValive can handle your last minute requests for just about every DAW Software out there.

The biggest request for live needs are for Ableton Live Suite with Push 2. This has become the standard for live sets and we offer this built around a Macbook Pro with 16 gigs of ram and the Push 2 controller along with your choice of interface out like Focusrite Red .

A close second would be Propellerhead Reason now with version 9 making live and midi out a reality, This is a awesome product and currently way underused by the DAW World.

In the studio of course we start with Avid/Digidesign Pro Tools with AValive having legacy support all the way back to version 3 and of course up to date with the latest versions up to 12X . From Nubus to PCI to PCIe and Thunderbolt we have just about any combo you need along with the interfaces and yes old computers that you may need to ressurect and old project or add to the latest one you may be working on!

Same goes with Emagic Logic and Apple Logic Pro X We have support going back in time along with the latest versions of X on speedy Macbook Pros’s with SSD drives able to stream sample with out a hiccup

Can’t forget Steinberg’s Cubase which believe it or not have support going back to the Atari including the rare bird “Falcon ” that we acquired complete . We of course are up to date with the latest VST versions as well

The newcomer Presonous Studio is now also available with full support and integration with their very popular mixers and recording interfaces.


We will be focusing on Digital Audio Interface’s and Plug In Options in A Later Post in the meantime DAW It Up !

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