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Equipment Financing Agreement

Program Highlights Include:

  • An Outstanding Alternative Financing Solution to Leasing or Loans
  • Borrower Maintains Ownership from Day One
  • No Buy-Out at End of Term (borrower already owns)
  • No Personal Property Tax Surcharge
  • More Favorable Sales Tax Treatment in Several States
  • Plain English Simple Documents
  • Limited Insurance Requirements during Term
  • Clear Document that Favors Buy-Out and Upgrades
  • Buy-Outs are Based on Remaining Principle Amount
  • Buy-Outs are More Favorable than a Lease
  • One Page Document for Upgrades and Add-On

More Details About EFA

Computer & Equipment Financing offers a financing product that encompasses the benefits of traditional financing and leasing together with the EFA Agreement.

Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA) is a fixed-term obligation with equal monthly payments, where the borrower is the owner of the asset and the lender has a security interest.

The borrower can deduct, the expense of the monthly payment as a business expense.*

  1. Comparable to a conditional sales contract
  2. Fixed-term obligation with equal monthly payments
  3. Terms from 12 to 60 months
  4. Title transfers to borrower and funding source has security interest in the equipment
  5. Borrower's obligation complete after final payment
Sales & Property Tax Sales tax & property tax are the borrower's responsibility.
Tax Benefits Section 179 Depreciation and Interest Write-off*


* Not a tax evaluation or consultation. Please contact your own financial advisor for your individual savings. Buy-out may vary with term, credit and other factors.

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